Why You Need To Know Your Numbers — Case Study

Why You Need To Know Your Numbers — Case Study
  • She’d have gone it alone and tried to sell directly to an aggregator, who would have taken her to the cleaners and probably persuaded her to sell at a low multiple for around $2.5–3MM if it became clear Sarah didn’t know her numbers. To top it off, the deal structure would be abysmal.
  • She would have used a low-quality generic listing/flipping service, which would not have correctly calculated her SDE and would not have put her on the path to success. They would have persuaded her to ‘flip’ her business and make a quick buck. And they’d have charged her a fortune!
  • Or perhaps she would have stuck with the business, continuing to make the same mistakes and potentially pushing the company into a decline…
  • Hire an experienced e-commerce-focused accounting firm (it’s less expensive and more effective than hiring a bookkeeper as an employee!)
  • Understand your numbers! Meet with your accountant on a regular (monthly) basis!
  • Plan for an exit with a brokerage that will walk you through an actual process. No flippers, gimmicks, or marketplaces.

Why Should I Listen To You, Ben?

Ben Leonard Ecommerce Consultant



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Ben Leonard

Ben Leonard

Best known as the founder of Beast Gear, Ben Leonard is the classic millennial entrepreneur. Ben grew an international 7-figure business and sold after 3 years