How To Sell Your Amazon Business For Maximum Profit

Creating, launching and working on an Amazon business is super exciting — but selling it can be just as exciting.

It can also be daunting, challenging and frustrating.

And it can leave us cursing the day we started an Amazon business in the first place.

If, however, you can sell your Amazon business for maximum profit, your entire venture will have been worth it, from inception to launch — to sale.

Of course, the nature of selling any business is complicated, and there’s no magic bullet that will allow you to finesse the process without putting in a few hours…

FBA aggregators are becoming more common in e-commerce. For business acquisitions, the top five companies raised over $2 billion.

If you’re thinking of selling your Amazon business to an FBA roll-up company, do your homework first. Knowing your options will help you negotiate better deal terms and a higher selling price.

We’re going to look at why e-commerce roll-up firms exist, how they impact the marketplace and how you can maximise your profits by selling effectively.

How Do Ecommerce Roll-Ups Work?

FBA roll-ups are companies that specialise in Amazon acquisitions. …

5 Surprising Facts Of Effective Ecommerce Exits

A business is like raising a child. Early on, you stay up late with your baby, worry about it all day, and read books to help you feel more prepared. Selling your e-commerce business can be a messy, emotional, and confusing process. It’s best to know what to expect before selling your business.

Most entrepreneurs call their company their “baby,” and they treat it with the same care and affection as a newborn child.

It’s like parenting. It’s rewarding, terrifying, and confusing. This is especially true if you’ve never sold an e-commerce business before. …

2 Must-Haves If You Want To Exit

Looking to exit your business? There are two must-haves you need.

See, a business will only sell if it’s sellable.

What does this mean?

It means that your business is making good revenue and profit, and has a proven path to future growth.

In other words, it’s attractive to buyers.

If your business isn’t attractive to buyers, you won’t be able to exit with a bang.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the two must-haves your business needs in order to allow you to exit the way you want to.

In other words, you’ll get the price…

Ecom Brokers is a leading specialist e-commerce brokerage. Based in the UK, we operate globally.

We are:

  • Experienced e-commerce sellers, M&A specialists, and accountants. We understand ecom sales from all perspectives
  • Fairly priced. We believe you shouldn’t have to give away a massive chunk of your business when you sell it. But we’re not the cheapest either. You get what you pay for…
  • Thought leaders in e-commerce sales, mergers, and e-commerce operations. We’ve been there and done it.

Ecom Brokers are award-winning professionals with a proven track record in actually doing what we say. With our own 7-figure ecom brands…

3 Smart Ways To Exit Your Business

Looking to exit your business?

Launching and scaling a business is both exciting and challenging. It’s far from easy so congrats for getting this far!

However, exiting your business is a challenge too — and it can go wrong very quickly if you don’t do the right things.

Now that you’ve made it this far, it’s essential you transition seamlessly onto your next project. So join us as we take a look at 3 smart ways to exit your business.

Sell Your Business Now

The most obvious way to exit a business is to sell it. But this is only really possible if your…

Choose A Better Broker

When it’s time to sell your online store, it’s essential that you work with the best eCommerce broker you can find.

But what makes a good broker? How do you know what the best eCommerce broker looks like?

Let’s take a look.

Best eCommerce Broker — Things To Look Out For

Okay, so you’ve launched your store, scaled it — and now it’s time to sell it.

And while you could try to sell your store yourself, this is not really advised if it’s your first time.

Why not?

Because selling a store all by yourself is a lot of work, especially if you’ve never done it before. You…

UK Website Brokers

Looking for UK website brokers to help sell your online store?

At eCom Brokers, we understand how important it is that you not only get a deal done — but that you get a deal done at a price that’s fair.

And which, moreover, allows you to move on from your business, and straight onto your next venture with enough money to get you started.

Who Are We?

eCom Brokers are UK website brokers who sell websites just like yours at a price that’s fair for all parties, and which reflects the time, effort, and commitment you’ve already put in to get your…

You Need A UK Based Broker

Looking to sell your business for the best possible price?

It helps if you work with the best eCommerce brokers in the UK.

The best eCommerce brokers in the UK help those who want to sell their business on a number of levels. They help you value your business, find a buyer — and get the deal over the line.

And the best thing is, they take care of all this hard work for you. Which means you get a hassle-free selling experience …

… And it also means you don’t have to sell the business yourself (it’s hard if…

6 Reasons To Sell Your eCommerce or Amazon FBA Business

Successfully launching, maintaining, and growing an eCommerce store or Amazon FBA business is quite a challenge. If you’ve managed to tick all three boxes, major congrats!

However, perhaps now you’ve decided that it’s time to sell your online business and try something new. That’s totally cool.

But what if you’re undecided?

If you’re thinking of selling your online business but a little voice in the back of your head keeps asking, “are you sure?” come join us as we take a look at 6 reasons to sell your eCommerce or Amazon FBA business.

You Need The Cash

It’s okay to sell your business if…

Ben Leonard

Best known as the founder of Beast Gear, Ben Leonard is the classic millennial entrepreneur. Ben grew an international 7-figure business and sold after 3 years

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